Variations for Piano (2000)

Four Epiphanies for clarinet, tenor saxophone, violin, piano, double bass and percussion (2001)

Prelude for solo clarinet (2001)

Circles for accordion, piano and string quartet (2002)

Sonata for cello and piano (2003)

Passacaglia for 12 strings, harp and percussion (2003)

Concerto for trumpet and orchestra (2004)

Carmina amoris cantata for alto solo, baritone solo, mixed choir and large symphony orchestra to words by Quintus Horatius Flaccus (2004)

Toccatina for piano (2004)

By the Great and Clear Water for mixed choir and organ to words by Adam Mickiewicz (2004)

Mechanical City for harpsichord (2005)

Symphony No. 1 for large symphony orchestra (2005)

What is music for children's choir and string orchestra to words by Ludwik Jerzy Kern (2006)

Two studies for solo trumpet (2006)

Escher's Metamorphoses for clarinet, soprano saxophone, trumpet, French horn, harp, piano, vibraphone and marimba (2007)

Three Miniatures (Durwanie, Echo, Run) for three clarinets (2007)

Electronic etude no. 1 electronic composition(2008)

Palimpsest for eight virtual instruments (2008)

A folk melody rushing weevils for clarinet and piano (2008)

Conversations with the Executioner musician for theatrical performance (2009)

Flashes for symphony orchestra (2009)

Streljani grad (Ubijanim decacima, Krstenje, Poruka) triptych for mezzo-soprano, alto and mixed choir to poems by the Italian poet Anna Santoliquido in Serbian translation by Dragan Mraović (2010)

Water Music multimedia work, photography: Agata Faszcza, music and editing: Piotr A. Komorowski (2010)

Merzbau-Winter Music electronic composition (2010)

Music for an educational film about Kazimierz Wielki produced by the Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz (2011)

Stroboscope for piano (2012)

Stroboscope for string quartet (2012)

Fractal for 10 accordions (2013)

Music for the audiobook Trilogi Insiden with stories by Seno Gumira, pub. Digital Archipelago (2014)

Breaking the Waves electronic music for four performers (2014)

Spring Landscape for string orchestra (2014)

A Journey to the Inside of Sound for percussion duo and electronic layer (2015)

Toccata for organ (2015)

Mosaic for Organ (2015)

Sea for string quartet and electronic layer (2015)

Hidden World for accordion and electronic layer (2015)

Air Fantasia for brass quintet (2016)

Dialogues for 2 percussionists and string orchestra (2016)

Circles for percussion trio (2016)

Impression for violin and electronics (2017)

Cadenza e corale for viola and piano (2017)

Drops of time for saxophone and electronics (2018)

Synergy for percussion duo and electronic layer (2018)

Either-or for violin and viola (2019)

Palindrome for 2 marimbas (2019)

Piano Trio "For Whom the Bell Tolls" for violin, cello and piano (2019)

Mosaic for Piano (2020)

Martian Suite for accordion and harpsichord (2021)

Concerto for string orchestra (2021)

Sonata for viola and piano (2022)

Stabat Mater for solo soprano, female choir, organ and orchestra (2022)

Dance for piano quartet (2023)